Uykusuz Magazine | 15 February 2018 Cover

Diyarbakir forced to enter the house and rape alleged person was acquitted. The court showed that they were "acquainted" as a justification.

Year/Week/Number: 2018/07/546

Uykusuz Magazine | 8 February 2018 Cover

Communication Minister Ahmet Arslan, in his speech at the ICT event, interrupted by the interruption of the server robot, "Do your best," he said. Robot format was thrown off the microphone.

Year/Week/Number: 2018/05/545

LeMan Magazine | 31 January 2018 Cover

After the unemployed who burned himself in front of the Grand National Assembly, he became himself an unemployed person in front of Balıkesir Municipality.

Year/Week/Number: 2018/05/1360

Uykusuz Magazine | 1 February 2018 Cover

Approximately 15 million vehicles were passed by Eurasia Tunnel in 2017, which is guaranteed an annual vehicle passing rate of 25.6 million vehicles. 10 million vehicles in the gap will be paid to the company by taxpayers.
Year/Week/Number: 2018/05/544

LeMan Magazine | 24 January 2018 Cover

- Afrin got into the air. + There's no movement on land ... - There is ... The land has started to work ... + Is my laptop heavy? - Ooooooo !! The corpses began to fall ...
Year/Week/Number: 2018/04/1359

LeMan Magazine | 17 January 2018 Cover

The local court considered the Constitutional Court's decision not to release the journalist!

Year/Week/Number: 2018/03/1358